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Lightning – the Best Challenge for the Photographer

Lightning is the most unpredictable natural phenomenon which is extremely impressive but very hard to catch at the same time. It appears out of nowhere for a flash of an instant, lights the world in a breath-taking manner and disappear in the darkness again. If you learn to shoot the lightning properly, these photos will become the real masterpieces.

There are three major types of lightning – cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud and intra-cloud lightning. You never know which type you are going to catch, but the most common one is cloud-to-ground lightning.

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Fisheye Lens – Round off Your Photos

The times when a photo presented a rectangular image has already become the matter of past. Nowadays, with the help of such technology as fisheye lens, it became possible to shoot circular photos and capture the whole panorama at once. This technique is especially useful for taking photos of street art activities, such as parkour as the wide angle allows to capture a performer and urbane building involved in the process at once.

Fisheye method of taking photos does not require any special skills, so even the beginning photographers can try it and see how much fun it really is. The only thing you should do is to forget about the fear of experimenting with new approaches to the art of photography.

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