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How to Eat Healthy without Feeling Miserable

Fresh Orange Juice
Almost every day I hear or read stuff about eating healthy, and I don’t even have to look for this information – it’s right there, wherever you look. So many articles are written and documentaries made about how to eat healthy or how to stop eating junk food, but most of us still eat all kinds of C.
To start consuming all the necessary vitamins for your system to function right, you have to enjoy the process. Ok, it is hard to enjoy eating healthy when you are forced to quit eating all the stuff that you like, but there is a way to start eating healthy without feeling miserable: without forcing yourself to eat what you hate. And in this article I want to share my experience with you. I didn’t really succeed yet, but I’ve made the first step!
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Ideas for Sweet Pies Stuffing

What can be better than pies? Only the sweet pies served as a dessert. They may be served either hot with a cup of ginger tea for instance or cold with a glass of fresh cool juice with ice. Pies perfectly suit for a quick snack or main dessert at the family party. They create the right warm atmosphere just with their appetizing look of the parched tops and tasty smell. There are a lot of variants for stuffing the sweet pies. The following list may inspire you to bake a sweet delicious pie with one of the suggested fillings or invent something original.

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Recipes for Stand-Up Fest

The table which stands the attack of kilograms of different dishes and guests who find it difficult even to speak from their overeating is a stable association with any fest. However, it is not necessary to present your guests with problems with their digestion – light stand-up with delicious snacks can create festive mood as well. The following recipes are fast and easy to cook and, besides, they look beautiful.

Potato pancakes with salmon. To prepare thirty pancakes you will need:

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Dinner for Two

Probably, the saying that the way to man’s heart lies through his stomach is not absolutely true but it certainly contains a scintilla of truth. Home-made dinner may become excellent beginning for romantic evening. To surprise your man and make his mouth literally water you can use the set of the following recipes.

First dish in your menu is salad with duck breast. You will need 400 gr. of duck breast, 400 gr. of chicken broth, 50 gr. of peanuts, 450 gr. of salad, one peach, six spoons of oil, five spoons of orange juice, two spoons of vinegar, half a spoon of honey and salt with pepper, of course.

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