Ideas for Sweet Pies Stuffing

What can be better than pies? Only the sweet pies served as a dessert. They may be served either hot with a cup of ginger tea for instance or cold with a glass of fresh cool juice with ice. Pies perfectly suit for a quick snack or main dessert at the family party. They create the right warm atmosphere just with their appetizing look of the parched tops and tasty smell. There are a lot of variants for stuffing the sweet pies. The following list may inspire you to bake a sweet delicious pie with one of the suggested fillings or invent something original.

  • The fruit and berry stuffing. The best stuffing may be made of the fruit that have solid flesh and don’t release too much juice when being cut into pieces or sliced. That may be apples, pears, plums and some sorts of peaches. The apples need to be peeled. The seeds need to be removed. Spray your sliced apples with the fresh lemon juice so that the flesh wouldn’t get darker. Add sugar, vanilla, ginger or cinnamon. Berries release more juice than the fruit. That’s why it is recommended to cover your berries with a thin layer of sugar and starch.

  • Cottage cheese may be the tastiest stuffing ever even if you can’t stand it. Use the fresh cottage cheese with sugar. Don’t use the low-fat one as it may get too liquid in the process of baking. You may add dried plums, raisins, smashed nuts or dried pitted and halved apricots to the stuffing. You may also try pieces of solid apples or bananas.
  • Try rusk flour. It is a good base that matches any taste. Add your favorite spices and pour some boiling milk in. The stuffing shouldn’t be too thin. It should resemble mashed potatoes.

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