My girlfriend is a dictator

I’ve been dating my girlfriend Stefanie for two years. I like her very much, she is nice indeed. But sometimes it is so difficult to be with her. She is unpredictable person and sometimes I really do not know what to expect from her. Everything might be just perfect and suddenly she changes. And to tell the truth I do not know why. She becomes irritated and doesn’t want anything. I mean I’m not a perfect person and I try to do my best but it is really difficult to predict what she really wants and needs. And to tell the truth I have no idea if she likes me. Some of my friends are sure that she just uses me. Well, I’m confused. It seems to me that they are right sometimes. Especially when she makes my decisions no matter what I want and what I need. It is irritating indeed. So she even doesn’t ask me. My opinion means nothing. For the first time it was okay but I had enough. Stefanie controls absolutely everything in my life. She decides what we would do on weekends, what we would eat and even what I should wear. Moreover she calls me quite often whether I’m busy or not. She asks me where I’m, what I’m doing and what I’m going to do. She is jealous.

And the problem for me is that I do like her and do not want to loose her because she is pretty nice sometimes. At the same time she doesn’t like some of my friends. And it is okay for her to criticize them. My friends are very important to me. She hates when I hang out along with them. She tries to persuade me that they are boring and that I have nothing in common with them. Well, I tried to explain her that they are my friends. It seems like she wants me to decide between her and my friends. Well, it is terrible indeed.

Complications begin to set in. She makes our budget. She spends a lot but at the same time she controls me and she wants me to save. And every single time I try to point out she is wrong she is offended. I tried to talk to her several times. I tried to explain her I’m not okay with it. And for her it is a problem. She says that I do not like her and I’m going to leave her. Yes, she is selfish.

But when Stefanie in a good mood I’m the happiest guy in the world. She is funny and very nice. It means I’m ready to do everything for her. Unfortunately she doesn’t understand me. Every single time I try to explain her what I would like to change she acts like an innocent victim. And I’m a bad guy who requires too much from her. Stefanie doesn’t notice her own mistakes. She can’t make a compromise with me. It is just impossible for her. Why so? Well, because she is right. What should I do?

1 thought on “My girlfriend is a dictator

  1. Shauntee

    I never post comments to the articles I read on Paperblog but this one caught my eye. It seems that you already know deep down what you should do, whether you want to face it or not. Your girlfriend is not the person for you or any other decent guy. When my friends go through relationship problems I tell them to make a list of all the positives and negatives and if the negatives out weigh then walk away. You’ve already done the work through this blog post, you only said one positive thing about your girlfriend. She has so many negative traits listed in this blog until I couldn’t possibly imagine spending a day with her let along 2 years.As a woman, I can tell you that her niceness is a form of manipulation and that she can’t possibly love you from what you described above. You have to make a choice, either you will stay with her and let her continue to rob you of your right to be an adult which makes life miserable or you can’t get rid of her and be HAPPY… You cannot be happy with someone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word compromise. Good Luck!


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