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Herbert Hoover’s Humanitarian Work.

Herbert Hoover is better known as the 31st President of the United States. During his presidential career Hoover had a bad luck. In several months as Hoover started his work as the president the Great Depression broke out. And for some reason Hoover was unable to cope with all the economic and social problems he had faced.

Herbert Hoover started his career as a mining engineer. He traveled a lot around the world while working as an engineer. In the 20th Hoover worked as the United States Secretary of Commerce and in 1928 he was elected. Hoover represented the Republican Party and was a conservative politician. All his attempts to come out of a recession had no use. His policy was widely criticized at the time. Rate of unemployment in the country was high. People had no work, had no money and had no hope.

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Leopold and Loeb case.

The high-profile case of two perspective law students of wealthy families took place over 80 years ago. But it still gives the creeps. Two students of University of Chicago decided to commit a perfect crime so that one could guess they were guilty. Their victim became a 14-year-old Robert Franks. It is still disputable why those perspective and the smartest guys decided to kill an innocent teenager. According to the most widespread version Leopold and Loeb were lovers. Moreover both of them were followers of Nietzschean philosophy and accepted themselves as supermen. Leopold was attracted to Loeb and agreed to participate in the crime.

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The Anonymous Help For Drug Abusers and Their Children

When having ceased consuming the toxic substances that affect the brain functioning the former addicts notice that though their physical and mental state is slowly improving the way of thinking remains altered forever. It is extremely difficult to get rid of the stereotypes and return to the healthy life. During the period of addiction the emotional burden caused by the negative experience was suppressed with the chemical substances such as alcohol, drugs or drastic medical agents. The former addicts tend to stream their negative feelings out upon their closest relatives and friends. The children are the ones who suffer in that situation more than the other members of the family. The young children can’t developed the psychological mechanisms of self-defense yet. It is a common thing when the former addict sees that his or her children have grown and realizes that a lot of life events have passed by without their participation. The attempts to catch up result in numerous conflicts and the alienating of the children.

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